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Leadership musings

Mei-Mei's speech begins around the 45-minute mark.

Graduate's anthem

Delivered Dec. 12, 2015 at Florida Gulf Coast University's fall commencement


I (state your name), sing out proudly as a 2015 graduate of FGCU, 850 strong.

I know I stand on a lot of shoulders.

So, I say to the staff and faculty of FGCU: You all had something to share, and the best of you made me think, and made me care.

To my colleagues: We became men and women here and our bonds will be like no other. Leaving this haven, my goal is to lift you up as you fly toward the sun, caution you so you don’t get burned, catch you when you fall. And we will fall. And we will get back up.

To my loved ones here and in my heart: For all the times you made me crazy, and for all the times I was such a pain, I hope on this day, you are proud of me—as I am proud of you. Because we got here together, you and I.

My goal to you is that I will cherish and fulfill this gift. I will be purposeful each day, and give to each challenge and opportunity the same passion and obsession, curiosity and creativity, intensity and respect, as I my smartphone.


But in complete sentences. Face to face. I mean it.

You always said I was “special.” And usually meant it as praise. It’s true: I am unique in the universe.

My goal to myself is to shape the future in my own way.

I will find what moves me and what’s worthwhile, knowing they may not be the same thing; and I will stand out with my distinctive skills, accepting that might take more than a month, or a year, or a decade.

I will listen and learn and read newspapers, take risks and make mistakes. I will follow my heart, soaring to my own unique music.

Because I can make a difference like no one else can.

This is my anthem. So, look out world, here I come.

Mei-Mei is available for speeches, presentations, strategic planning and excecutive coaching. Contact her at

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