DESTINATIONS: highlights and tips

Being former journalists, Mei-Mei and her husband Randy love researching and reporting on their adventures. TripAdvisor and CruiseCritic are favorite forums. 


Here are insights and highlights from notable trips they've had the good fortune to enjoy.












Junior, you're in such trouble
I wouldn't hurt a fly
Lion down
Mine's bigger than yours
Dizzying dazzle
Elephant in musth
Mom, let's play!
Oh that feels good
Leopard ahead
Leopard in training
What's your beauty secret?
Giraffe Valley
Pretty great


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© 2015 by Mei-Mei Chan Kirk


The same cheetah mom and cub a few hours later had blood-stained faces. There was a wildebeest carcass nearby! Lake Masek area, Tanzania, Africa

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