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"An extraordinary, out-of-the box, transformational leader." Michael V. Reagan

"Not only is she smart, engaging, and possessing of an innate understanding of needs and issues, she shares these talents for the social good."  Debra Faulk

"Mei-Mei succeeds because she recognizes and develops the strengths of those she leads." Kathleen Moye

She is "an inspiration in many ways. (She) accomplished things in this community that many thought impossible. (Her) energy and determination corralled the most jaded." 

Pat Riley

"In addition to doing a great job at the News-Press, (she has) taken action on some key issues facing our area - education and economic growth.  The summits organized for the business community exposed the opportunities and challenges businesses face in both of these areas.  I think that the result might be that the business community will be more motivated to get involved." Linda Taylor

She “inspired me to be a better steward, not just for my family and community but for my life overall." Wayne Kirkwood

About me

Mei-Mei Chan Kirk is a retired media executive and would-be author out to explore the world, dragging her husband or daughter along.


She’s passionate about independent, active travel, using her journalistic skills to research every detail and option. She loves crafting amazing adventures almost as much as the adventure itself, then sharing lessons learned with fellow travelers. 


Born in Canton, China, Mei-Mei immigrated to the U.S. at age 7. She worked at a variety of newspapers before wrapping up her career in 2015 as President and Publisher of The News-Press based in Fort Myers, FL.

Mei-Mei has been a student of leadership for 25 years, mentoring and guiding numerous groups and individuals, and often speaks on branding, strategy and innovation. She is available for strategic planning and coaching for individuals or organizations. 
She also loves Broadway musicals, tennis, bridge, continuous learning and making a difference. She lives in Estero, FL with her husband and her mom. Mei-Mei and Randy have two grown children, Regan and Aaron, both recovering lawyers.
As you plan or dream of your next adventure, check for tips on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.
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